RESPONSIBLE TOURSIM: Professional advice.

Many people desire to go on tours and vacations to different sites and with the increasing consciousness of people to the different tourist destinations across the globe, the term responsible tourism becomes an important factor to consider. The increasing access to travels has raised questions on what the tourist do during their vacation. While they are still planning on how best to enjoy their travel, they have to think of how to leave their footprints at their destination. This can be some really challenging thing. Some suggestions are made her on how to help you enjoy your vacation while still being a noble global citizen.

Patronize the local market

Responsible tourism is not just about positive impact of tourism on the ecosystem. It goes beyond that. Responsible tourism encompasses much more than that. It also has to have a positive impact on the local market and the local community. Tourist should not only patronize big malls and industrial factories. They should also visit the local market and patronize them. Usually, industries disrupts local market during tourists'' visit and make the local markets run at a disadvantage due to the lack of patronage.

Patronizing the local market gives you, as a tourist, the opportunity to walk around the local street, experience local traditions, have a taste of local delicacies, visit local stores and get to really just experience the local way of life of the natives. Asides the fact that purchasing from the local market gives you fresh food, it also keeps you in good health as you consume healthy, fresh food.

Patronizing the local market also helps establish the petty traders in the area and this will encourage them to continue being in business. Lodge in a privately owned accommodation Corporation and big organization do not just take over the local market, they also take over the hotel and accommodation sector of the economy in tourist sites. The big organizations and companies attract the tourists thereby almost chasing the locals out of business.

TTo secure the security of the local economy, tourists should look out for local inns and hotels which are strictly owned by the locals in the area. This shows a sign of respect for the support for the local market and the local businesses. Another advantage to this is that, generally, the locals employ environmentally friendly practices. The staff in such small local inns are the local people and they get their materials from the local market as well. This ensures the circulation of money around the locals and not just the big companies.

The dishes served at the local inns and hotels are also very rich and are true representative of the local culture. As a tourist, it also gives you the opportunity to interact and relate with the natives and learn the local way of life and even the language if the tourist is interested.

Volunteering It is a very good idea to check out local volunteer opportunities. Making consultations with UNICEF and other international and local bodies will give you a clue on where you can volunteer. Consulting these bodies will ensure you volunteer at the right place where you are really needed and you on the other hand will find satisfaction.

Tourism is not just about going to a tourist destination to relax and check out beautiful sceneries but it is also a very good opportunity for the tourist to reach out to people from another part of the world and impact positively in them. Volunteering is one of the ways a tourist can easily achieve this. Volunteering is as good to the tourist just as much as it is to the local people.

It also helps the tourist experience firsthand the challenges the locals are having and this will better help him figure out a way he can support the locals and leave his fingerprints in the hearts of the local by lending a helping hand and helping them solve some of their problems. Volunteering also gives one an edge and gives one a better chance of getting referrals for travels or applications. Asides that, it provides a very vital experience for the tourist which will be useful for the tourist later in future.

Work hand in hand with an agent that supports your goals Before even embarking on your vacation, it is necessary to know what exactly you would love to achieve during your vacation, in what way exactly you want to be a responsible tourist, your goals for the vacation.

After answering these questions, it becomes necessary to find a travel agent that supports your goals and will work at ensuring you achieve your goals during the vacation. A travel agent who is as enthusiastic about nature and the locals as you are. It is best to work with agencies that are connected with the groups that have the same goal as you and will work at ensuring you achieve your goals. The travel agent should be able to refer you to a place where you can effectively work as a volunteer.

Also, the travel agent you would be working with should be able to draw out a plan for you. An healthy plan for yourself, your economy and the environment including the locals. Kandoo adventures provides a wealth of information about this.

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